As Upstate Senior Network Anderson's chair, it was such an honor to invite Kerri to present her passion, dedication, love and stories of her experience as a volunteer for The LOT Project at the beginning of our 20Gr8teen year!  Kerri was the last of three nonprofit presentations, and she overwhelmingly received the majority of votes for The LOT Project to be our annual community partner!  It's been an incredible year as our senior industry has grown to have our own passion, dedication, and love for our own stories...just like Kerri showed us how to do!  This book belongs in every library!

Kelly Jo Barnwell

2018 Chair, Upstate Senior Network Anderson

I really enjoyed Kerri's book. Her style is inviting and the stories are compelling. Thanks for investing time to put the paintings and the book together to let others know about the great work being done at The LOT Project.

Dave Phillips